Walthamstow Montessori School is a popular nursery and independent school for boys and girls aged 2–6 years. Established in northeast London since 2001, we use genuine Montessori and Forest Schooling methods in a broad and exciting curriculum. Our teachers have excellent experience in their subject areas and are passionate about their practice.

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"Children benefit from a wonderfully calm and nurturing atmosphere to play and learn. Their independence is fostered extremely well, as they enjoy making choices about their learning". "Children’s happiness and welfare is at the heart of their practice".

– Ofsted July 2022

Montessori + Forest Schooling

Montessori is an approach that focuses on the immense capacity of children to absorb information when given the freedom and independence to learn at their own pace. Forest Schooling is a child-led approach to learning, incorporating children’s right to play, to access the outdoor environment and to feel success. Our school combines these related methods for early education.

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Makaton Friendly Programme

Makaton is a language programme designed to provide functional communication and encourage and develop language and literacy skills through the combined use of signs and symbols with speech. WMS is incorporating its use further in the classroom.

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My daughter has attended WMS since she was two and is now almost four. It has been such a brilliant and rich time for her there.  She amazes me with her knowledge that she garners daily from the various activities both in the classroom and in the garden. She is so happy to go there and has such a confidence and a love of the place because her teachers have been so incredibly attentive and nurturing.

During lockdown the efforts that the whole staff made to stay open and safe were epic and brave. Daily it was a logistic nightmare but they kept endeavouring to remain open so that the children could remain in their brilliant social and learning environment. I have felt so grateful to WMS in these early years in the knowledge that my daughter is in a space where she can draw, paint and express herself with the encouragement of her teachers. It has been a very precious time and perfect school for us.


My son really enjoys being at the Nursery and now Kindergarten. The teachers have all been so kind and attentive and it is a wonderful, kind learning environment.


Both of my daughters attend WMS and both of them love school! The environment is warm and nurturing and the staff are all attentive and understanding to the both the children’s and parent’s needs.

We need more schools like this so that every child could experience this special approach to learning enabling them to develop into well rounded, confident and inquisitive little people.


We are delighted with WMS!